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NW Modern Home


THE TWOMBLY HOUSE : 4449 SW Twombly St., Portland, Oregon
COLLECTORS AND MEDIA PREVIEW (RSVP): Thurs, October 14, 4–8 p.m. OPEN FOR VIEWING TO THE PUBLIC : October 16 – 28, 2010
4 - 9 p.m. every day except Mondays

What defines northwest modern art and design?

Is it the rich natural environment that inspires, is it the eclectic sense of design that mixes without pretension or is it the creative class of individuals that flow into this region bringing fresh ideas and energy to the Pacific Northwest?

Alicia Blue Gallery:  Fine Art Curator 
Alicia Blue Gallery is an online contemporary art gallery and production company founded by curator and producer Alicia Johnson and filmmaker Cooper Johnson.  They represent a balanced integration of emerging and mid-career level artists offering them favorable circumstances for promotional and creative maturity.  

Katherine Dube:  Ceramic Artist
In both science and art, it is an addictive excitement to experiment and discover.  I enjoy the creativity and satisfaction of initiating new ideas and developing them to their fullest. Intertwining the two dynamics brings joy, completion opens an inward path, and this understanding enhances my appreciation of the world around me.